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Εγχειρίδιο χειρισμού κρίσεων λόγω πολιτικών ΔΝΤ από τη CIA! / Already confirmed: Civil liberties under attack! / Greece's creditors gone completely insane! / How the global financial mafia sucked Greece's blood / ECB's economic hitmen / Η Μέρκελ επιβεβαιώνει τα σχέδια των γραφειοφασιστών! /Greece: the low-noise collapse of an entire country/ How the neoliberal establishment tricked the masses again, this time in France / Ενώ η Γερμανία προετοιμάζεται για τα χειρότερα, η Ελλάδα επιμένει στο ευρώ! / Ένας παγκόσμιος "proxy" πόλεμος κατά της ελευθερίας έχει ξεκινήσει! / In reality, McCarthyism never ended in America / Ο επικεφαλής του "σκιώδους συμβουλίου" της ΕΚΤ επιβεβαιώνει ότι η ευρωζώνη είναι μια χρηματοπιστωτική δικτατορία! /With a rising Jeremy Corbyn and a declining Angela Merkel, Brexit has been upgraded to play a much more critical role / Δημοψήφισμα για Grexit: η τελευταία ευκαιρία να σωθεί η Ελλάδα και η τιμή της Αριστεράς / Populism as the new cliche of the elites to stigmatize anyone not aligned with the establishment / Δεν γίνεται έτσι "σύντροφοι" ... / Panama Papers: When mainstream information wears the anti-establishment mask / The Secret Bank Bailout / The head of the ECB “shadow council” confirms that eurozone is a financial dictatorship! / A documentary by Paul Mason about the financial coup in Greece / The ruthless neo-colonialists of 21st century / First cracks to the establishment by the American people / Clinton emails - The race of the Western neo-colonialist vultures over the Libyan corpse / Επιχείρηση Panama Papers: Το κατεστημένο θέλει το μονοπώλιο και στις διαρροές; / Operation "looting of Greece" reaches final stage / Varoufakis describes how Merkel sacrificed Greece to save the Franco-German banks / France officialy enters the neo-Feudal era! / The US establishment just gave its greatest performance so far ... / A significant revelation by WikiLeaks that the media almost ignored / It's official: the US is funding Middle-East jihadists! / Οι αδίστακτοι νεο-αποικιοκράτες του 21ου αιώνα / How to handle political unrest caused by IMF policies! / Πώς το νεοφιλελεύθερο κατεστημένο ξεγέλασε τις μάζες, αυτή τη φορά στη Γαλλία / Οι Γάλλοι νεοαποικιοκράτες επιστρέφουν στην Ελλάδα υπό 'ιδανικές' συνθήκες / Μεγαλώνει ο πανικός της Γουόλ Στριτ μπροστά στην προοπτική των κρυπτονομισμάτων

06 July, 2017

Two years from the coup by the European Financial Dictatorship against Greece

The Greeks became the first in history that went to vote with the banks closed and said "NO" to austerity

July 2015. For five years, Greece has been under a memorandum regime of the EU and the IMF. The salvation promised, eliminated 1/4 of the GDP - the equivalent of what Germany lost in WWI. The debt, however, didn't diminish, but grew bigger.

For the first time, Greek people can decide by referendum if they are going to say "YES" or "NO" to austerity.

Greek media that are financed by private banks by means of loan and publicity packages, threaten that Armageddon will strike if the Greek people vote for "NO". Journalists broadcast false news and even show photos from South Africa. Whoever disagrees is banned from the TV screen.

At the same time, the EU and the political status quo send a clear message: voting "NO" means being banned from the euro.

The voters listened to the warnings and the threats and made their decision. Well aware of the potential consequences, they said "NO".

But everyone wanted to give its own interpretation to the result of the referendum. The EU have always had its view on referendums and democracy. In the EU, if your vote is 'wrong' you have to try again until you get it right. When the Danes voted "NO" to the Maastricht Treaty and the Irish to the Treaty of Nice, the referendums were repeated. When the French and the Dutch rejected the EU constitution, the EU went on to include it in the Treaty of Lisbon. And as the Irish said "NO" to the Treaty as well, they had to vote again.

The EU ignored the result of the Greek referendum along with the PM that had announced it. The new Tsipras administration imposes some of the harsher austerity measures that the country has seen. At the same time, it sells out public assets starting from the ports and the airports.

Before the elections in January 2015, SYRIZA promised to write off most of the debt. But this promise has gone in less than a day after the election.

The EU sees that the government does not keep its promises, even before the negotiation, and begins a relentless attack.

The first blow comes from the ECB once more. Right after the inauguration of the new government, it stops accepting Greek bonds as a guarantee, forcing the banks to resort to the Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA). This way, Frankfurt can cut off liquidity any time sinking the economy into chaos.

The ECB made sure that the Greek banks will be closed the week of the referendum. This way, sent a clear message to the Greek people. However, against all predictions, the referendum was not lost. The Greeks became the first in history that went to vote with the banks closed and said "NO" to austerity. But its voice meant nothing to the EU, or, the Greek government.


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